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Reject Anonymous Reports to Child Youth & Family Services; Penalize False Reporters

It is absolutely downright disgusting how many families are involved with CYFS that really shouldn't be! While elsewhere there are children who really truly are being starved, beaten, neglected, forced to take part in inappropriate activities, etc. and their parents aren't in the system and are getting away with such cruelty. The system today in Newfoundland is too busy following false leads that there is no attention and focus towards the actual serious cases whereas CYFS involvement is truly needed. Personally, I feel that today anyone can call CYFS just out of pure spite and say a bunch of bull and the innocent are the victims. I believe that anonymous sources shouldn't be allowed; that every source state their real name, address, and phone number - and once they submit 3 reports that could not be verified in a row that person should be deemed an unreliable source for future reports, charged in the court of law, and a jail sentence. This would make those false reporters think twice because then, unlike now, they would have consequences to deal with (such as a criminal record - bteach of trust?.. as well as jail time!)

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